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Because I'm tired of being Microsoft's unwilling prototyper and proof of concept generator, I've decided to let my Windows Phone Developer account expire on December 12 instead of paying the $99 to renew it.  What that means to you is that if you get the Power Presenter app before then, you will be able to try it and eventually purchase it, but if you need to reinstall it on a new phone or your current phone, you won't be able to.  This host application will be here for as long as Windows 7 is around.  I may eventually create an Android version of the phone application. Please enjoy this application while it is still available.  At this point, it doesn't matter if you purchase it.  Unless 300 of you paid for it before the 12th I would never see a penny anyway, and that wouldn't even come close to compensating for the developer account fees I've paid to Microsoft over the years. Microsoft would keep that money instead of paying me.  If you feel like this is a useful application, let Microsoft know that they need to stop abusing their independent developers who put their blood, sweat, and tears into helping them promote a desperately lagging phone platform and should celebrate these unsung heroes, even if I don't qualify for that status.

Now you can give highly interactive PowerPoint presentations using your phone as a controller!  Get the Power Presenter Windows Phone app hereTry out a full-featured version for 60 days for FREE.  You can use the reduced-feature version forever for FREE!  Control the forward and reverse movement through your slides.  Define a specific set of additional applications so you can switch between them and your PowerPoint file.  Point out spots in your presentation or any other part of the screen with a laser emulator.  Highlight portions of the screen in the color of your choice.  Set the default ID from the Windows Phone that will be used to connect, which excludes other phones from connecting.  This can be overridden from within the application. 

New!  VoIP audio transmission from the Power Presenter phone app to the presenter's PC for audience participation so that the audience can hear their own questions!
Members of your audience that are using the Power Presenter phone app can digitally "raise their hands".  You can acknowledge them, and they can ask their questions by speaking into the phone and the question will be heard through your PC.  If your PC is connected to a house audio system, other audience members will be able to hear the question!

Watch the videos showing usage.

Phone-compatible videos:

The trial version does not allow selecting the PowerPoint file or the additional presentation files or enabling audience questions from within the phone application.

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